Process of Professional Timber Floor Sanding Brisbane

If you have chosen to find professional services for timber floor sanding Brisbane, it might be useful to know what to expect. The process does not take more time than a couple of days. The professionals will decide what your timber floor requires and will bring in the latest equipment to get the job done. During this time, they will look to make sure that dust does not accumulate in the air and make the whole thing as easy on you and your family as possible. Keep in mind that by sanding and polishing your timber floors, you are adding value to your home and making it a home to be aware of with shining floor surfaces. Once your floors are buffed and restored, you might start a tradition of asking everyone who comes to visit to remove their shoes. You can find many different sanding professionals in the Brisbane area and get quotes from them before you decide on a service. Afterwards, they’ll visit you in your home to decide what needs to be done, take a look at the condition of your timber floors, and know what equipment they’ll need.

1. Best equipment

It depends on the professional services you choose. The floor sanding in Brisbane process always begins with the choice of equipment. Some companies prefer using standard equipment and those that go a level higher. Some professionals start working on timber floors by working up and down along the floor, while others work from side to side. Some of the processes include making two cuts, a coarse one that is followed by a fine sand grain.  By going up and down the grain, your floor won’t be completely flattened.

2. Finer details

Once the process begins and gets to the second stage, the timber floor already starts looking good. All the fine marks have been removed, and now a fine sanding makes for a smooth and even finish to get it ready for the polishing to come.

3. Last buffing

The final step in the sanding process is the last sweep of the equipment used to make sure your floor is now as smooth as possible and that there are no marks on it. Once this is completed, the floor already has been restored and can now be finished. At this point, if any swirl marks remain, they are smoothed out.

4. Polishing

In the last and final step, the sanding and polishing process gets finished to make sure your timber floors are protected and to make them shine. A coating of sealer is put on and followed by two coats of high-quality polyurethane. This not only gives the timber floor a great shine but also ensures maximum protection.

The best professional sanders also make sure your timber floors are sanded between each coat that is placed on it, so the flooring looks rich with depth and warmth and will last for many years to come. If done correctly, the floors do not require a lot of maintenance. You can easily mop them clean and buff them up each time you vacuum across them. Always maintain your floors by not walking on them in outdoor footwear. Watch out for children playing with toys on the floors and give them space where they can play freely. Make sure that your dog’s nails are kept clipped to avoid scratches on your newly restored timber floors.

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